Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Your Concierge?
What is Your Concierge?
Your Concierge is your reliable 24/7 personal assistant that takes care of all your needs (from the everyday to the extraordinary), straight from your mobile.
How much does it cost?
We have three concierge packages to suit your needs.

  1. Ask Quickly (free of charge)
  2. Ask Quickly (free of charge)
  3. Ask Anything (Subscription based. Daily AED 105, Monthly AED 525, Yearly AED 5775)
What do the different packages offer?
  1. Ask Quickly allows you to make direct bookings for taxis/restaurants/dry cleaning as well as arrange the collection of everyday items such as cheques/documents.
  2. Ask And Pay allows you to chat to a personal assistant and have them buy a specific item for you such as a birthday cake, new dress, curtains from Ikea, or a gift.
  3. Ask Anything allows you to ask your personal assistant to organize anything from the everyday to the extraordinary from booking a table at a new restaurant to arranging your full travel itinerary.
What kind of support do I receive?
Your Concierge are ready to support you 24/7. Simply download the App to chat to one of our personal assistants or speak to them directly over the phone.
How often can I speak to my personal assistant?
If you have signed up for the Ask and Pay or Ask Anything package, your personal assistant will be available for your 24/7 either via the chat or over the phone.
How can I place an order?
All payments can be made safely and securely via the Your Concierge App using either your Credit or Debit card. We accept all cards.
What if I don’t like the item?
Our personal assistants are highly trained to ask the right questions, so you receive the right item. They will also provide several options for you to choose from, so you can approve every item before purchase and know what you receive is exactly what you wanted.
Is your App just for Dubai?
Yes. Our personal assistants are experts in the region ready to cater to all your needs within Dubai.

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